Gabriella Wells is a loving mother to her daughter, Andrea, and son, Damian, as well as a wife, daughter, sister, friend, student, and mentor to those in her life. Originally born in vibrant Venezuela, Gabriella has made New York her home as she aspires to create a better, brighter future for all. After experiencing disability firsthand at home with her son, Damian, she sought a way to make a difference in the lives of those in the disabled community. With inspiration and support from her family, Gabriella Wells is the proud founder of the first inclusive, high fashion brand, HISAURA.


Gabriella Wells received degrees in Fashion Marketing and Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design and is currently CEO/Founder/Creative Director of the up-and-coming inclusive, high fashion brand HISAURA.  A purveyor of inclusion and insurgent of the paradigm of nonexistent averages, she designs for everyone and strives to create a world of accessibility.  Her professional interests focus on the expansion and progression of her brand, HISAURA, and her current projects include the planning of a show for September’s Fashion Week. In addition, she has participated with LVMH in conjunction with the LEF Foundation. This opportunity allowed for Parsons and Columbia students to collaborate with top executives and industry leaders to develop a multi-pronged model for a 360 Marketing/CRM campaign for Carolina Herrera’s Bridal. Gabriella was also invited to be a member of Dior’s first mentorship program, Women@Dior. She also participated in the Arts of Fashion Foundation Master Class Program in Paris which collaborated with Haute Couture Maison Lemarie and Lognon to design a collection inspired by the theme of The Wave. This collection was then exhibited at Les Arts Decoratifs Museum exhibit in July 2017. She was later invited to serve as the award presenter and guest speaker at the International Symposium Fashion Show in San Francisco. At this event, ballerina, Anica Grace wore one of her pieces from The Wave collection as she opened the fashion show with a touching performance.