With roots in vibrant, Latin America, and various parts of the US she has for the past eight years made New York her hometown. Gabriella Wells is indeed a citizen of the world with a global perspective to match. A recent Fashion Design and Marketing graduate from one of the most excellent design schools in the world, Parsons, Gabriella Wells took on a journey of self-discovery and growth both as an individual and as well as a designer. Thus, leading her to uncover her true purpose, allowing her to magnify her capacities while bestowing the opportunity to emerge as a conveyor of new and incredible ideas, rethinking and questioning conventional approaches comprising a vast array of social values.  With an indefatigable quest to challenge the status quo, Gabriella Wells has adhered to a unique set of core values to conceptualize the infinite faculties of design. Carrying with it, a message of inclusivity and access while embracing a global approach, a remarkable mission to procure innovative solutions for modern individuals with all levels of abilities. 


Determined to create a new reality in which inclusivity and access are at the forefront of design and lifestyle, crafting a relevant space within the fashion landscape, Gabriella Wells has positioned herself at the service to those without voices and providing them an outlet of self-expression, identity, and poise. Gabriella Wells embraces the opportunities of delivering true integration and outstanding functional fashions with an enthusiastic attitude.  Indulged with curiosity and lead by her journey of a life with disability, through her son’s condition, she has acquired a keen understanding and sensibility towards the challenges and lack of product development to include those with various life difficulties.  Gabriella has hence cultivated a profound desire to become an expert in the field of hindrances posed within fashion and lifestyle products for individuals with various physical and cognitive challenges.  Her primary objective is to set forth a new standard of excellence, quality, and functionality to overcome them.  Making a stance towards forward thinking through her design contributions, devoting her time to an endless pursuit of knowledge acquisition, growth, creation, and imagination to service a highly overlooked segment in the market. Thus, fostering social engagement. 


A purveyor of solutions for the interconnected challenges facing our world, designer Gabriella Wells is introducing HISAURA as an inclusive fashion label. With unwavering commitment, HISAURA challenges and breaks through the constraints posed by the known, devising exceptional solutions that shape our future and redefine our history.  The 2019 Summer/Spring collection epitomizes her classic yet modern aesthetic comprising fluid silhouettes that allow wearers of all abilities to dress with ease. Showcasing magnificent textiles and stately, eye-catching finishes, Gabriella Wells presents a remarkable narrative in which notions of integration, aesthetic, and functionality coexist. A narrative to convey a powerful message infused with emotional attributes understood even by the humblest of men. Such is the vision of passion and perseverance.


Widely referred to as the definitive inclusive designer and fashion innovator, over the course of her dynamic career, Gabriella Wells has achieved a prominent status in the fashion industry. Throughout her career, she has been involved in various research undertakings as well as been a participant in magnificent collaborations and programs. Her participation with LVMH in conjunction with the LEF foundation, allowed her to work hand in hand with top executives and industry leaders while putting her skill to the test on a unique collaboration; bringing Parsons and Columbia University students to develop a multiprong model for a 360 Marketing/CRM campaign for a world renown fashion brand.


The success of her approach landed her with the remarkable invitation to form part of the team that would comprise the launch of Dior’s first mentorship program, ‘Women@Dior,' designed to empower young professional women to achieve their career ambitions. Such partnership allowed her to enrich herself with knowledge, skills, and motivation to pursue her passion. Women@Dior broadened Gabriella’s professional network while participating in special events hosted by the Dior house both in Paris and NYC. Furthermore, Gabriella’s previous collection featured in the Arts of Fashion Foundation Master Class Program in Paris, where she participated in a remarkable experience allowing emerging designers to expand their creative skills by infusing highly innovative thinkers from all around the world to join forces on the creation of an outstanding collection. The conceptualization of this collection was achieved through the unique partnership and collaboration with Haute Couture Maison Lemarie and Lognon; rendering exceptional skills and the multifaceted interpretations of the chosen theme – The Wave exhibited at Les Arts Decoratifs Museum exhibit in July 2017. Her fantastic design conceptions landed her the opportunity to showcase her unique notions during the International Symposium Fashion Show in San Francisco California. Gabriella's designs were worn by American Ballet Dancer Anica Grace who opened the fashion show with a touching performance. Gabriella Wells also served as the award presenter and a guest speaker during this event. 


Pulling inspiration from this diverse point of view, Gabriella Wells artistically explores the juxtaposition of elements to create a sartorial sensibility entirely her own. The objective of the creation of HISAURA is to overcome the polarization of extremes by highlighting dichotomies, instead of eliminating them.