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Jessica conquers NY fashion week

The frantic assistant stopped her on the street and asked if she had any experience on the runway. Before she could answer, he had her in front of HISAURA’s designer Gabriella Wells to get her fitted for the show. She’d always wanted to be a model, and as she sat for her hair and makeup, she had a feeling this was her big break.

courtesy of JESS

Marta’s arrival

Andrea’s house of vintage

It was the hottest new restaurant in Manhattan and the reviews said that it felt just like stepping back in time. Everyone in the city was trying to get a reservation, but she had a personal invite from the chef. The hostess led her and her date to the VIP table and told her their meal was on the house.

gabriella’s hot spot

She may be retired from the runway, but once a fashion model, always a fashion model. Invitations to VIP events and parties around the world still poured in. On her social agenda tonight was an exclusive restaurant opening, so she put on her New York best and smiled for the paparazzi.


Designed for the modern and confident individual with all levels of ability in mind, HISAURA’s global narrative emphasizes inclusivity by creating new visions through contemporary design for a fully integrated world.  Redefining the fashion landscape with innovative approaches allows wearers to craft their own future. HISAURA utilizes life experiences as an essential design tool to devise effective solutions: Thus, becoming a synonym of excellence and a system of Elegance, Focus, and Simplicity.